About Asser Bishvil

Asser Bishvil Foundation (ABF) helps those wishing to give charity, whether it is a donation to an individual or an institution both; in the UK and abroad. Asser Bishvil is the simplest way to give charity and benefit from the tax rebate available from the government.

When giving charity from your personal or business account, it may prove difficult to keep records of every charity donation and far more difficult to enjoy the advantage of Gift Aid. It is therefore extremely useful to allow ABF to manage all your charity donations.

Although funds donated by a Donor to ABF constitute an irrevocable and outright gift by the Donor to ABF of all right, title and interest in such Funds and ABF holds such funds together with any income to apply them solely for Charitable Purposes, ABF agrees to provide such information to the Donor about the Funds and Income as is provided for in our T&C. ABF further agrees that it will make forms available to the Donor so that they may notify ABF of their wishes in respect of their donation and/or the distribution of the Funds and Income for Charitable Purposes. ABF will endeavour to act in accordance with the Donor’s wishes as set out in the forms.

As a registered charity, ABF also has a share in benefiting the wider community from its surplus funds by distributing funds to institutions in the UK and abroad. Any surplus administration costs are donated to selected charities on an annual basis.

Extend your giving power by up to 23%

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