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What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund is a centralised charitable-giving vehicle. A donor opens an account, contributes to the fund and can then recommend distributions to preferred qualified not-for-profit organisations.

What are the benefits of a donor-advised fund?

You qualify for a tax deduction immediately when you make a contribution to Asser Bishvil Foundation, which is a charity registered with the Charities Commission. We promptly provide you with a receipt. In addition, we provide you with a breakdown of all your contributions at the conclusion of the tax year. At any time, you can access our online portal to get an up-to-the-minute view of your account status.

We manage and assist you with your charitable giving, saving you time and money. We provide you with an online account that you can easily manage and maintain.

We protect your confidential financial information from falling into the wrong hands. You can be assured that all your charitable giving is tax deductible and handled in a legal and efficient manner. Our programs also allow you to donate with full anonymity, or, if you prefer, provide just the name on your account. No return address or other details are necessary.

More and more charities have been investigated lately to ensure they are compliant, as both the Charity Commission and HMRC ramp up their oversight of these organisations. They expect to see proper and due process being implemented by the trustees or their appointed administrators and regular management meetings by the trustees, properly minuted and documented, to ensure that agreed protocols are being conducted, and to make professional decisions on matters as they arise. They are taking a stricter stance, especially where they conclude that standards are lacking. ABF take a proactive approach to managing these responsibilities including engaging with CC and HMRC where guidance or input is sought.

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By donating to Asser Bishvil Foundation you receive the same tax deductions as you do when you donate to any qualified, tax-exempt charity by claiming Gift Aid or through pre-tax payroll giving. Additionally, if you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you can reclaim the difference in your self-assessment tax return.

Our program will consider your grant recommendations to most registered tax exempt charities registered with the Charities Commission. If we approve of your recommendation, we will directly furnish the donation to the charity in a timely manner. Our approval is subject to rigorous and enhanced checks on the recipient charities to ensure that proper compliance is in place.

Any charity (whether registered or not) must keep to its charitable purposes at all times and comply with charity law. A registered charity has the same general obligations of any community or voluntary organisation: to follow the aims and rules of its constitution; to be well managed; and to act within the law.